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'Verily Hasan b. 'Ali (AS), when he was reproached and opposed by the people for having made peace with Mu'awiya, people would greet him in the street saying, 'Peace be upon you O degrader of the believers', and he (AS) would reply, 'I am not a degrader of the believers, rather I am elevating the believers. Verily when I saw you having no strength to overpower them [Mu'awiya's army], I made peace in order that you and I may remain alive in their midst, just like the wise one [al-Khidr] damaged the boat in order that it may be spared for its owners. Thus did I act for yours and my benefit in order that we remain alive among them.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 78, p. 287, no. 2

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Question : #808 Category: Business / Investment
Subject: Masjid or Imam Bargah
Question: Assalam o Alaikum,

Why momeneen call their place of worship Imam Bargha, not a Masjid.

Why this important to ask membership dues when the Imam Bargha could run by khums and zakat. When I was sunni, I was never asked for membership. This is not a place anybody can come joine the majalis.
Answer: Alaykum Salaam,

An Imam Bargah is not a Masjid but a place that normally commemorates the tragedies of Karbala.

Any membership may be used to fund the operation of the center.
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Is there are Masjids where a Shia can pray five times a day?
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