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'The believer is such that his joy is evident on his face whereas his sorrow is in his heart. His breast is at its widest [i.e. biggest heart] but his ego is at its lowest. He despises high rank and shuns reputation. His grief is long-lasting and his ambition is lofty. His silence is much and his time occupied. He is grateful, extremely patient, and immersed in deep thought. He is thrifty with his needs. He is good natured and mild-tempered. His soul is firmer than steel whilst he [i.e. his ego] remains lower than a slave.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. v. 69, p. 410, no. 127

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Question : #798 Category: Divorce / Talaq
Subject: Divorce
Question: Dear brother,

As you know the woman can not be marry again till 3 months pass from her divorce , there is a case which the lady went to court for divorce at 9th of October and he received the letter from court which indicate that your divorced finalized at 9th september so now can you please kindly let me that , the 3 month waiting time will start from the time she had a hearing at 9th of October or from the time that is in the court letter which is 9th of September?

Thanks for your kind attention in advance.

Answer: Dear Sister,

The 3 months is from the point when both spouses were conscience to know that they are divorced through a Talaq recitation.

It time in question depends on when you were divorced from your husband. Then 3 months from that point.
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