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'A man?s nobility is his religion.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Musnad lbn Hanbal, v. 3, p. 292, no. 8782

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Question : #790 Category: Social Interaction
Subject: Oaths
Question: Salamun Alaikum,
Please do not judge me as I already feel so bad..I have swore oath to Allah (SWT) that I won't do things etc like reading gossip ma,gazines playing computer games I feel really upset because I have failed to keep these oaths..Are these oaths nullified now I have broken them what is the ruling on swearing oaths to The Almighty (SWT) should one be wudu at the time of swearing the oath please advice me..Is it haraam to play games such as mobile phone apps and computer games? Please advice me based on Ayatollah Khamenei (HA) rulings thankyou..If I may ask are you based in Iran?

Iltemasei Dua'a..
Answer: Salamun Aleakum wa rahmatullah.
islamic practical (sharei)swearing To god has its own words with if we do not say the exact words our swear is not going to be sharei with means if we break them we have to pay the kaffara for it.
no its not necessary to be on wudu during the qassam share (swearing to Allah SWT)
Follow Up
thankyou..But also can you advice as to whether computer game playing is haraam...? Also social networking sites such as facebook should we use them ? I play games on there you see but I'm afraid I shouldn't so needed to be sure...

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