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'The fountainhead of merits is the overpowering of anger, and the eradication of desire.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. no. 5237

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Question : #784 Category: Holy Prophets
Subject: Birth of the holy prophet
Question: Salaamun Alaykum,

I was wondering why the sunni faith celebrates the birthday of the holy prophet on the 12th of rabbiul awwal and Shia on the 17th. I frequently have these discussions and wanted to know if there's solid proof on this birthdate issue, maybe in the Quran?
your help will really be appreciated, thank you
Answer: Salaam Alaykum,

The two Schools of Thought have a differing dates due to the source of information.

The followers of Ahlulbayt refer to narrations by the Holy Prophet's own kin (family), while the followers of the AhlulSunnah refer to narrations by the companions.

It's up to the individual to follow which source, one's own family or one's friends/neighbors.

Regardless, the difference of the days is known as the Week of Unity across the Islamic world.
Follow Up
That really catpures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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