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took three sticks and set one of them in front of him, another one next to it, and the third far away from the two. He then asked, 'Do you know what this is?' to which they replied, 'Allah and His Messenger know better.' He said, 'This one is man, and this is death [next to it], while that one is expectation, which man entertains [about his long life], but death falls upon him prior to his expectation.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Tanbih al-Khawatir, v. 1, p. 272

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Question : #772 Category: Hadiths / Traditions
Subject: fabricating hadith
Question: I read your column dedicated to Fateemah (R.A), and i find it too way out of place with your argument being backed by fabricated hadith. why do you find it easy to quote fabricated hadith, in support of this shia ideology

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

Follow Up
J'arrive un peu en retard pour cause de vneaaccs, mais je tenais e0 te dire que c'est une super ide9e que tu as eu le0, grace e0 toi je me suis rendue compte qu'il y a plein de fonctions de bases que je ne connaissais pas (par exemple, lier deux calques pour n'en faire plus qu'un), et c'est cool de voir comment tu bosses rellement e9tape par e9tape...Moi j'utilise de moisn en moins de calques, mais certains petits trucs sont toujours bon e0 savoir, donc merci, ce lien va direct dans mes favoris ^___^Bisous depuis la nie8vre :)

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