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?O Um Ayman! Did you not know that my brother Jesus never kept dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner?! He would eat from the leaves of trees, drink from rainwater, wear hair-cloth, sleep wherever he was, and he would say, 'Every day comes with its own sustenance.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ibid. no. 32358

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Question : #768 Category: Black Magic / Evil Eye
Subject: sihr
Question: assalamualaikum,
i was married 1&half year husbands parents always harrasing me for money and gold and recently they did sihr on of the aalim told to me nearly i came to death my health severely spoiled by the grace of allah i recited soorats and i removed sihr daily iam reading those..but my husband is not believing this.i came to my parents from last 10 months he is not contacting me.if i contact he is asking divorce to me.sir please tell me what i have to do my parents also asking me to leave him because they did black magic on me but i sincerely loved him..please suggest me something that allah wishes.
Answer: Salamu Alaykum

The best thing to do is to talk to a resident sheikh in your area about this issue and try to resolve the problems through the resident sheikh.

With Prayers

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