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When the Pharaoh realised that Moses would be the cause of the downfall of his kingdom, he called the divinators and they told him of Moses's lineage and that he was from the Children of Israel. Pharaoh continued to order his men to cut open the stomachs of all the pregnant women from the Children of Israel until he killed in his search more than twenty thousand children, but he was not able to kill Moses because Allah the Almighty protected him.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 13 p. 47, no. 15

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Question : #737 Category: Fasting / Sawm / Roza
Subject: Prayers get answered
Question: Asalamalikum

I am a female.It is said that Allah near to the person who fasts during ramadan and his/her prayers will be answered for sure(if allah wishes).I had abortion for almost 5-6 times and no children untill now after 6 years of marriage.Now during ramadan is thier any special prayer/dua special time where i can pray and ask for forgiveness in front of allah if i did something wrong(also to grant a child.It has been like going through hell all this years from my mother-in-law side(also my husband wants to give divorce).

Right from start of ramadan i have been reading Alhumdulillah all time prayers including tarawiih/tahajud but still i need some advice in the matter of children.

Jazak Allah khairan,

A sister
Answer: Dua for Pregnancy can be found here -

And a Dua before conceiving is when the couple of ready to go to bed, the male should put his hand on the wifes forehead and pray the following Dua while facing the Qiblah.

Allahumma bi amanatika akhaztuha wa bi kalimatika s-tahlaltuha. Fa in qazayta li minha waladan, faj-alhu mubarakan taqiyyan min Shiati Al-i Muhammad (sal-lal-lahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) wa la taj-al lish Shaytani fihi shirkan wa la nasiba.

O Allah! I have taken her as Your trust and have made her lawful for myself by Your words. Therefore, if you have decreed for me a child from her, then make him/her blessed and pious from among the followers of the Family of Muhammad [peace be upon him and them]; and do not let the Satan have any part in him/her.
Al-Urwah. p. 624.
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Jazak allah for the dua Sis/Bro.Have a blessed ramadan and advanced Eid wishes

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