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in his explanation of the phrase 'There is no power or strength save in Allah', said, 'Verily we are not masters over anything with Allah, nor are we masters over anything except what he has given us mastery over. So by making us masters over that which He is a superior Master, He has given us responsibility, and by taking away mastership from us He absolves us of our responsibilities.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. Saying 404

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Question : #719 Category: Fasting / Sawm / Roza
Subject: Swallowing Mucus
Question: Is it permissible to swallow mucus, for example when we cough, mucus comes up to our throats and we sometimes swallow it by accident?
Jazakallah Khayr
Answer: It is preferable for the fasting person not to swallow mucous or phlegm that has reached the mouth, although it is permissible for him to swallow it.
imilarly, it is permissible for him to swallow the saliva that has gathered in the mouth, even in large quantities.

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