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The pure action [done out of sincerity], is that which the servant does not wish to be praised for by anyone except Allah Mighty and Exalted.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 16, no. 4

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Question : #701 Category: Youth Issues
Subject: Help/advice
Question: Assalamalukum

Hope all is well. I am 16 and living in Australia. I am doing this certificate course and in it there are 10+ girls dressed in non-Islamic fashion and unfortunately I am the only boy. The major part of this course involves one on one face to face conversation, group meetings etc.It’s every hard to control nafs for 6 hours straight every Wednesday.
I pray namaz –e- shab,hadise kisa,dua ahad for protection but it just too hard to keep away from the whispers. Because I am surrounded my sins where ever I look, it’s just too hard. I want to make aba-abdilllah proud, because I know this faith/religion has got to me with countless sacrifices and difficulties.
Please gather opions of as many alims/sheikh as you can.ADRIKNE!

Answer: Salaam Alaykum,

A young brother such as yourself will be exposed to devilish temptations and the Satans, of Jinn and men, who try to penetrate into your heart. The higher the standard of your knowledge and degree of your social position, the more intense the temptations of the Satans will be until they divert you from the straight way and send you astray.

You must self-stuggle, where self is our biggest and most staunch enemy who is permanently and continuously at war with reason. In order to defeat the self and to control passions we must fight hard by strictly following the commands of Prophet (sawa) and Infallible Imams (as).
Struggle against the self has been called in traditions as "Greater-Crusade" (Jihad-e-Akbar).

Here are a few examples from the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (as):
"Fight and dominate over self's whims and passions. Because otherwise if they [Satans] succeeded in making you their prisoner - they will treat you in a most humiliating manner destroying you eventually." (Gharar al-Hukm, vol. 1, p-138)
"Be aware! That Paradise is purchased through self-struggle. Therefore, who is engaged in self-struggle will be victorious. Paradise (or self) is the greatest reward for some one who really appreciates their worth." (Gharar al-Hukm, vol. 1, p-165)

Insha'Allah you are able to remain steadfast in your faith and overcome the temporary carnal desires presented to you.

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