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'I was walking with the Prophet had rough sides. A Bedouin came upon him and pulled him by his robe very roughly, so I looked at the side of the Prophet's (SAWA) neck, and the side of the robe had left a mark from the strong pull. He then said, ?O Muhammad, give me some of Allah's money that you have.' So the Prophet looked at him, laughed and ordered that he be given some.?

Anas ibn Malik
al-Targbib wa al-Tarhib, v. 3, p. 418, no. 20

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Question : #700 Category: Food & Drinks
Subject: Smoking
Question: Salamun AlIKUM,

I am from Bangladesh. May you please give me a shorter brief about smoking that "SMOKING IS HARAM"? If it is not then why?

Was Salam
Rashed Hossain
Answer: Salamun aleakum wa rahmatullah.
According to our practical lows,what ever can cause major harm for us is Haram whether that thing is smoke or what ever it want to be.
but Our scholars take precaution about smoking.

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