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Bargain even for two dirhams, as he who is wronged is neither praised nor is he rewarded.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Rabi'al-Abrdr, v. 4, p. 139

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Question : #696 Category: Holy Qur'an
Subject: going to prison
Question: i want to know what can i recite from the holy Quran so Allah can spear me from going to prison?
Answer: Insha'Allah this finds you in well.

There are a number of Surahs to recite that safeguard and protect those imprisoned.

Al-Mirah (70) - If a person is captive, or under detention, in a prison, he should recite this surah there, because as soon as he completes it Allah would arrange his release and he would safely go back to his family.

Al-Jin (72) - If a person goes to meet a man-in-authority after reciting this surah he would not be harassed or victimised by him; and if a prisoner recites this surah he would be soon released easily; and if a man in trouble recites this surah his worries and troubles would soon disappear.

Al-Infitar (82) - If this surah is written on paper and put around the neck of a person who is under detention or in prison he would get his freedom and would also be free from fears and threats very soon.


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