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I visited Abu 'Abdullah [al-?adiq] (AS) whilst I had not greeted our companions in the mosque of Kufa out of extreme dissimilation (taqiyah) we were observing, so Abu 'Abdullah said to me: O Ishtaq, when did you become harsh to your brothers, you go past them and you do not greet them?! So, I said: It was because of dissimilation I was observing. He (AS) said: In dissimilation you do not refrain from greeting, but in dissimilation you try not to reveal yourself.'

Ishtaq ibn 'Ammar al-Sairafi
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 76, p. 5, no. 18

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Question : #695 Category: Music & Singing
Subject: sublime messages
Question: i have recently found out that the song for little kids ' twinkle twinkle little star has a bad sublime meassge. my question is do every music have sublime message and how do we know? also can u explain more on sublime messages.

with prayers
Answer: Sadly I won't be able to help with this question as one seeks.

There are numerous hidden messages in many Western songs, hence, I recommended the children to be encouraged to the sounds of Allah's message from a young age.

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