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'When he emerges, he will lean his back against the Ka'ba, and three hundred and thirteen men will assemble with him, and the first thing he will utter will be the verse, What remains of Allah's provision is better for you, should you be the faithful. He will then say, 'l am the remains of Allah, His proof and His vicegerent upon you. None will salute him except by saying, 'Peace be upon you O remainder of Allah (baqiyyat Allah) in His land.?

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
Nur al-Thaqalayn, v. 2, p. 392, no. 194

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Question : #688 Category: Key Events / Dates
Subject: dates on amal should be done
Question: my question is that if according to the islamic calender the dates or days starts from night, then if there is an amal of seeing holy prophets in dreem which has to be done on friday night will have to be done on thursday night or should be followed on the days as per english calender in which the dates or days starts from mornings?
Answer: When hadiths narrate to recite or perform certain acts on 'Thursday' night, then that day is based on your current time-zone. Based on the Gregorian calendar.

However, if a hadith narrates to recite or perform certain acts on the '21st Ramadan' then it's based on the Hijri calendar.
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