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It is narrated in an authenticated tradition: 'When this verse was revealed: Whomever Allah desires to guide ... , the Prophet (SAWA) was asked about the expanding of the breast and what it was. He said, 'It is a light that Allah casts into the heart of a believer and it expands the heart and broadens it.' They asked, 'Is there a sign by which this may be known?' He (SAWA) said, 'Yes, to return to the eternal realm, to shun away from the realm of delusion, and to prepare for death before it comes.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Majma'al-Bayan, v. 4, p. 561

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Question : #687 Category: Ahl ul Bayt / Imams
Subject: imams (a.s.) talk to allah swt
Question: who are imam's(a.s.) are they like the prophets or even better than them do they talk to Allah(S.W.T) like other prophets or not?
Answer: salamun aleakum wa rahmatullah.
actually i have to say this question is ver deep question.
(and i think if you read the book ( Imam shenasi)knowing Imams is going to be very good)
Our imams are the Awlia of Allah SWT on the earth.
the are not prophet but they have been chosen by Allah SWT to lead the umma to the best path after the prophet
they are connected to Allah but not with wahey , with elham.

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