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Know that the truth is [like] tame mounts, whose owners have mounted them and have been handed their reins. They take them gently until they came to ample shade.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Saada, v. 3, p. 294

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Question : #676 Category: Hajj & Umrah
Subject: reaching muzdalfah aft sunrise
Question: salamelykum.i performed haj wd my old parents&after waqoof in arafat frm zohar to maghrib we took a bus for muzdalfah.but the bus stoppd aft a short journey bc the buses ahead of it weren,t moving.afterthat slowly slowly buses started to move but continously stopping in we reachd muzdalfa after sunrise.we did niyat of stayingin muzdalfa & other dua while sitting in the bus &moved directly to mina.what is ur eminent opinion for us to do for this stay in muzdalfah and is our haj right or wrong.
Answer: The wuquf at Muzdalifah must be with the intention of attaining nearness to Allah alone, as is the case for wuquf at Arafat.

There are appointed and alternative periods of stay at Arafat and Muzdalifah, and if you managed to hold wuquf at Arafat during the appointed period and the alternative period in Muzdalifah, then your Hajj is undoubtedly valid.

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