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'The Abbasids visited Salih. b. Wasif, and Salih. b. 'Ali and a few other deviated people from this location also visited Salih. b. Wasif when Abu Muhammad (AS) [Imam al-'Askari] was in the prison. He said to him, 'Put him in strict confinement and give him no ease.' Salih. replied, 'What more can I do with him when I have assigned two of the most evil men I could find to guard him, and surprisingly those two have turned to worship and prayers [as a result of the Imam]!'

Muhammad b. Isma'il
Ibid. v. 50, p. 308, no. 6

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Question : #667 Category: Salaat / Prayers
Subject: zohr namaz read or not
Question: if a person leaves the 2 khudba intentionally or 1 khudba of friday and only is presant in the namaz of juma only will it be enough and will zohr namaz will have to be read or not?
Answer: Based on the question as written, the person must perform the Zohr prayer.

This is because the first khutba is worth two rakats, and the second khutba (after the Imam of the Mosque sit's and stands) is worth the next 2 rakats which equate to the Zohr prayers.

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