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'I hereby reiterate what I have said: establish the performance of the prayer, pay the alms-tax, enjoin what is good, and forbid evil. Verily the peak of enjoining what is good and forbidding evil is to heed to my words and propagate them to those who are absent; you must command them to accept [my words] and prohibit them from going against them, for they are the commands from Allah, the Exalted, and from me.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Ihtijaj, v. 1, p. 157, no. 32

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Question : #663 Category: Holy Prophets
Subject: nabi s.a.w. parents religion
Question: Salaam,I want to know if the parents of muhammed s.a.w's pants aminah and abdullah were muslims and also that if his grandfather and uncle abu talib were muslims?
Answer: A Muslim is defined as one who submits to Allah and testifies that the Prophet's is His messengers.

In the case of the question, the family of Prophet Muhammad (saw) were the followers of the teachings of their grandfather, Prophet Ibrahim (as).

Abu Talib was a pious monotheistic believer else he wouldn't of performed the Nikah of Prophet Muhammad (saw) to Bibi Khadija (as).
Follow Up
so his parents and grandfather and uncle were muslims?
Follow Up Response
Prophet Muhammad (sawa) is from the line of Prophet Ibrahim (as) son, Prophet Ismael (as), descents. This direct blood line until Prophet Muhammad were all true believers who submitted to the will of Allah.

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