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'Verily when Allah, Blessed and most High, wishes to requite his servant with evil [as a result of his deeds], He will take him to account for them in front of everyone, and will reduce him to tears [on account of the proofs against him], and will give him his book in his left hand, and this is the purport of Allah's verse: But as for him who is given his record from behind his back, he will pray for annihilation, and he will enter the Blaze. Indeed he used to be joyful among his folk.?

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Zuhd li al-Husayn b. Sa'id, p. 92, no. 246

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Question : #659 Category: Holy Qur'an
Subject: leap year
Question: salam alikum
in the quran the word year is mentioned 19 time and it say on this site that it is meant for the leap year. in lunar and solar calendar, leap year is only four years. does this means that the solar and lunar calendar is wrong?
Answer: Sallam aleakum wa rahmatullah.
thank you for your question ;
but if you can tell us where in the "website" you "saw" it, so we can see it in order to understand your question.
thank you.
ya Ali.

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