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'The [tribe of] Quraysh used to call the Prophet (SAWA) 'the trustworthy' (al-amin) before revelation had descended on to him.?

Ibn Ishaq
al-Sira al-Nabawiyya li Ibn Hishdm, v. 1, p. 210

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Question : #655 Category: Dress & Clothing
Subject: reward of rings withoutgemston
Question: is there any reward for wearing silver rings but without a gemstone?
Answer: It is Sunnat to have a silver ring. Of course, gold is haraam for men. Wearing iron, steel or brass ring is Makrooh for both men and women. Therefore, according to the 6th Imam, the Prophet wore a silver ring.

According to another tradition, the Prophet asked men not to wear an iron ring while praying and strictly prohibited the wearing of brass ring.
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why is wearing iron, steel or brass Makrooh in islam?

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