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He has not kept His earth free of a knowledgeable man whom all of creation need, who is well-versed with the means of salvation. Such [people] are very few in number, and Allah has expounded this among the communities of the prophets, and made them the example for those to come after them, when He said concerning the people of Noah: And none believed with him except a few.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
al-Ihtijaj, v. 1, p. 581, no. 137

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Question : #652 Category: Miscellaneous
Subject: to put music with islamic work
Question: my father listens to music i know it is a sin but he does not listens to me my question is my father makes me to put music and songs in empty cd and dvd is it wrong if I put Islamic noha, documents etc with the songs which my father tells me to put on empty cd and dvd is it wrong or right according to ayatollah sistani (may god give him long life)?
Answer: The Holy Quran in several verse has advised people to treat their parents with respect and kindness. Here are the list of verses in which Quran has explained how to treat parents:

- Chapter: 2 , Verse: 83
- Chapter: 4 , Verse: 36
- Chapter: 6 , Verse: 151
- Chapter: 17 , Verse: 23
- Chapter: 29 , Verse: 8
- Chapter: 31 , Verse: 14
- Chapter: 46 , Verse: 15

As per your question, it is not wrong to have songs formatted in audio to be stored with other Islamic documentation.

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