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'Never deem any act of common courtesy that you are able to carry out as insignificant in comparing it to a greater act, for verily the simple act performed when the need for it arises is more beneficial to its receptor than the great act for which there is no need. Perform for each day good acts that befit it and you will grow on the right course.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
al-fa'fariyyat, p. 233

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Question : #651 Category: Death Issues
Subject: dying on Friday
Question: What is the benefit of passing away or having your funeral possession between Thursday and Friday (between the salahs) ?
Answer: According to our narrations from our ayema (asws)this act is good on that time.
in additional to this hadith whoever is buried on the night of juma the azab al qabr will be remove from him.
Asalokum al Dua'a.
Follow Up
Is it permitted o be buried in the night then?

What are the timings for the night of juma to be exempt from Athab al qabr?

Is it the passing away of the soul in this blessed time or the actual burial?

Jak for your time
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