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Narrating from Anas: 'When the Prophet (SAWA) missed the company of any of his brothers for three days, he would ask about him. If he was absent, he would pray for him; and if he was in town, he would visit him; and if he was ill, he would go to see him.?

Bihar al-Anwar
Ibid. v. 16, p. 233, no. 35

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Question : #647 Category: Miscellaneous
Subject: Beard
Question: IS there any ruling for keeping a beard? if no, then can i have the so-called French beard?
Answer: Salam Alaykum

You must go and ask the fatwa regarding your marja but Ayatollah Sistani considers it haram to shave the beard based obligatory precaution.

With Prayers
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I follow Ayatollah Sistani. Does that mean that French beard is also haram?

Thank u for ur response.
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