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'Abu al-Hasan Musa b. Ja'far, for about ten years, performed a single prostration from sunrise until noon. [He continued], 'Harlin would sometimes climb onto a roof that overlooked the prison cell wherein he had imprisoned Abu al-Hasan. He would see Abu al-Hasan (AS) in prostration. He asked al-Rab!', 'What is that cloth I see on that spot everyday?' He said, ?O commander of the faithful! That is not a cloth but Musa b. Ja'far (AS). He performs a prostration every day from sunrise until noon.' Harlin said, 'He is indeed one of the holy men from the Bani Hashim.' I asked, 'Then why have you confined him to captivity?' He said, 'Alas! That is how it must be.'

Uyun Akhbar al-Rida (AS), v. 1, p. 95

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Question : #643 Category: Holy Qur'an
Subject: Seeking cure through Quran
Question: In the name of God, the All Mighty and Powerful

I have just 1 question regarding seeking cure through Quran.

If someone is psychologically and physically abnormal, so he seeks its cure through various chapters and verses of the Quran with the intention of becoming normal from abnormality.

Are Surah Fatiha, the 4 Quls followed by Ayatul Kursi the best option to seek cure through Quran?

And what else would you recommend, for example Taawiz or Istikhara?

Thank You All
Answer: Salaam Alaykum,

I recommend this page - - which mentions the merits and benefits of reciting various Surahs and Ayahs.

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