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in his description of this world, 'The world is the abode of exhortation for he who accepts from it...The world reminds them and so they remember, and it speaks to them so they believe, and it exhorts them so they accept its exhortation.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. Saying 131

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Question : #641 Category: Medical Issues
Subject: stammering
Question: i have come to know through this web that if i write Surat Bani Israil on a china dish and drink it after washing with clean water...
kindly tell me for how many days i have to do this and will i write with some pen ink or zaafraan????
Answer: The exact days is not mentioned meaning the focus should be of the act and the sincerely of performing the act.

In order to have your Dua better accepted, its best to fast and perform prayers and asking help from Allah.

Inshallah your pious desires are met by the grace of Allah.

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