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The Prophet (SAWA) went to al-Baqi' and some of his companions followed him. He stopped and ordered them to proceed and he then walked behind them. He was asked about this, and he said, 'I heard the beat of your sandals [behind me] and feared that some arrogance would fall into my self.'

Abu Umama
The issue mentioned in these traditions is not a general law indicating lack of arrogance, but it differs because of differences in people, or in times and circumstances. For example, some may dress rough woollen clothes to pretend to be humble while their hearts are full of arrogance.

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Question : #630 Category: Business / Investment
Subject: Stocks
Question: Would it be haraam if I invested in stocks ? This investing wouldn't be considered gambling of any sorts?
Answer: Investing in Stock Market in which returns are not guaranteed would be permissible. Such investments, however, could become Haraam because of secondary reasons: like if one invests in a Company that deals in Haraam commodity, such as a Brewery or Casino. The best option for a Muslim investing in Stock Market would be the "ethical funds" since such funds do not deal in alcohol, tobacco, gambling or environmentally harmful products.

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