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Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Mustadrak al-Wasa% v. 11, p. 13, no. 12293

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Question : #624 Category: Death Issues
Subject: husbands death
Question: My husband was mentaly ill for the last 11 years in and out of mental hospitals in the United States. He wnet to Lebanon and got off his medication and very sick. For 6 months we begged his relatives to give him help, they refused. I could not taravel to Lebanon have 4 small kids and no passport. Finaly his brother came from Europe and put him in a mental hospital. We informed him the meicaiton he needed he had been on for the last 10 years. The brother hid him away in a mental hospital for 1 month and I had no contact with my husband. The brother called and told me he died from heart attack in the hospital he was 45 years old. He told me the medication he was forced to take at the hospital-my husband tried to refuse they said take it or you won't get out. My children and I hold the brother responsible for putting him in a Free goverment hospital. I clearly told them over and over all he needs his is medication and he will be normal in a few days. He only needs the medication that he took for the last ten years. My husband went to sleep and never woke up in the hospital. We have been married almost 20 years. All the time during our marrage he did not have contact with his relatives in Lebanon he did not trust them. My husband was a good faithful muslim. What is your opinion regarding his death? me and the 4 children are in terrbiel pain from the loss of our dear hsuband/father. Also, my husband had a will with me. the relatives went ahead and buried him in Lebanon without asking about his will. I told them he had a will and they did not care. thank you salam
Answer: Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi raji'un.

Your story is very touching, and Insha'Allah your husband's soul is in peace.

To answer your question regarding accountability for your husband's death, there seems to be a strong case of negligence performed by your husband's family however its not enough to judge responsibility, but Allah knows best what’s in our hearts.

I strongly urge you to contact your local Marja representative and discuss the matter of the Will as he may be able to assist more personally.
If you cannot get in contact with your Marja representative, then seek assistance through your Mosque.

Insha'Allah your affairs are settled soon.

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