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When asked about the reason for the occultation, Imam al-Sadiq (AS) replied, 'For a reason that we are not allowed to reveal to you. I [i.e. 'Abdullah b. al-Fa l] asked, 'What is the wisdom behind his occultation?' He said, 'The wisdom behind his occultation is the same wisdom behind the occultation of Allah's proofs before him. Certainly the wisdom behind it will not be disclosed until after his reappearance... Verily this command is among the commands of the Almighty Allah, a secret from among the secrets of Allah, a thing of the unseen from among the unseen things of Allah. When we acknowledge that he is All-Wise, we also acknowledge that all His actions are wise, even though the reason behind them may be undisclosed.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Kamal al-Din, p. 482, no. 11 (narrated by 'Abdullah b. Fadl al-Hashimi)

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Question : #617 Category: Business / Investment
Subject: Foreign currency trading
Question: Salam alaikom
Brother can you please indicate according to the Islamic law, is trading in foreign currency (buying and selling) permitted?

Answer: Buying and selling foreign currency, at market price and for more or for less, is in order.

There is also no difference whether selling or buying is done instantly [on the spot] or in the future.

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