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when a person complained to him about the hardness of his heart, said, 'If you want your heart to soften, feed the needy and stroke the head of orphans.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Mishkdt al-Anwar, p. 292, no. 885

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Question : #615 Category: Hadiths / Traditions
Subject: sharia
Question: where can i search more about apostasy in islam?
or if you can send me information about apostasy in Quran and hadiths from prophet mohammed saw and the imams.
Answer: An example of apostates were the Kharijities who fought against Imam Ali (AS).

It's narrated in the Holy Quran,
"Say, Shall we inform you about the biggest losers in regard to works? Those whose endeavour goes awry in the life of the world, while they suppose they are doing good" [18:103-104]
- is in reference to the apostates of Islam.

Once a man, in the presence of Imam All (AS), recited the above-mentioned Quranic verse after which the Imam said, 'The Harura [i.e. the
Kharijites] are from them.'

Imam Ali (AS) also said, "I heard the Prophet (SAWA) saying, There will come a people during the last days who will be young and rash-minded, their words will be the best words of the righteous, their prayers will be more than your prayers, their recitation [of the Quran] will be more than your recitation, however their faith will not transcend their collarbones - or he said throats, they will leave the true faith as swiftly as an arrow flies from the bow; therefore kill them."

And when walking past the slayed bodies of the Kharijites, Imam All (AS) said, "How wretched you are! The one who misled you has brought harm to you", someone then asked, "Who has misled them 0 Commander of the Faithful?' he
said, "The deceptive Satan and the carnal soul which commands towards evil have misled them by giving them a false sense of security, giving them a wide opening for disobedience and promising them victory, but through them they have pIunge into the Fire"

You may have noticed there is a difference between the apostate and the apostasy.

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