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'Hudhayfa said, 'When the Prophet (SAWA) retired to his bed he would say, 'In Your name O Allah I die and live', and when Intention he woke up he would say, 'Praise be to Allah who revived us after He caused us to die, and upon Him is the Resurrection.'

Bihar al-Anwar
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 76, p. 218, no. 25

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Question : #605 Category: Islamic History
Subject: Youm al-Quds
Question: 1) Is it obligatory to participate in the Youm al-Quds demonstrations? If yes, is it wajib al kifaa'i or wajib al-'aini?

2) If someone has to travel in another country for participating in Youm al-Quds-demonstration, and has to break his wajib fast (of ramadan), what is the ruling for the fast of this day?

3) Is it obligatory to participate for someone, who has to travel into another city to take part in al-Quds-demonstration?
Answer: 1) All believers are required to hold this ceremony as much glorious as possible through their active participation in this demonstration.
2) They have to make up for that missed fast later.
3) It is made clear in the answer above.
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Check that off the list of tinhgs I was confused about.
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