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when a Christian scholar asked him about a man who copulated with his wife and she became pregnant with two, both in one hour, and she gave birth to both in one hour, and they both died in one hour, and they were both buried in one grave, but one lived for one hundred and fifty years and the other lived for fifty years who were they? He replied, Uzair and 'Uzra. Their mother was pregnant with them as you have described, and she gave birth as you described, and 'Uzair and 'Uzra lived for so and so years. Allah then made 'Uzair die for one hundred years, then he was revived and lived with 'Uzra for fifty years. Then they both died together at one time.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
al-Kafi, v. 8, p. 123, no. 94

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Question : #604 Category: Family Issues
Subject: Adopting a child
Question: Asalaam Alaikum. Is adoption of an orphan allowed in Islam? If yes, under what conditions? I am a Muslimah, 25 years old and unmarried. I always wanted to adopt a zateem from a Muslim country but was unsure if it's allowed.
Answer: It is permissible for a person to 'adopt' a child, but the child is not considered his son or daughter; the child remains a stranger (non-mahram) to him or his wife and he or she does not inherit the person who has adopted him or her. Also the childs lineage has to be preserved.

Here adoption in the sense of claiming a child as your own son or daughter and getting an ID card for him or her in your name is not permissible, however, there is no Ishkaal (objection) in taking care of a child, raising him or her and showing love and care.
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If I breastfeed the child when he/she is under the age of 2, through induced lactation, will that create a "milk kinship"? Would that lead the child (if I adopt a boy) to become a mahram so I wouldn't have to observe hijab in front of him?
And also in certain circumstances, a baby is not named, what would I do in that situation? Would it then be permissible to give her/him my last name?
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