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'The Prophet (SAWA) came to me, after I gave birth to Husayn, so I gave him [Husayn ] to him [the Prophet] in a yellow cloth, which he cast aside and wrapped him instead in a white cloth. He then said, 'Fatima take him, he is indeed an Imam and the son of an Imam. He is the father of nine Imams; from his loins will come virtuous Imams, the ninth of whom will be al-Qa?im [the awaited saviour of mankind].'

Fatimah bint Muhammad al-Zahra [as]
Kifayat al-Athdr, no. 194

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Question : #592 Category: Family Issues
Subject: Fathers permission for marriage
Question: If my father does not accept me - as his son - getting married, is the marriage still accepted by Allah?
Answer: Your fathers acceptance does not affect the validity of your marriage since it is not mandatory for the son to have his fathers permission in getting married but try to convince him of your decision since the father has a great position of respect and appreciation from his children in the Islamic point of view.

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