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that Imam 'Ali (AS) used to come to the market and exhort, ?O Market traders, fear Allah and beware of making false oaths, for though it may sell your goods, it eradicates all benediction thereof. The trader [by nature] is corrupt, except those who take only their right, and give back the right due, and upon you be peace.' Then a few days would pass, and he would come there again and exhort them as he did before.'

Abu Sa'id
Ibid. v. 103, p. 102, no. 44

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Question : #579 Category: Imam Mahdi
Subject: Preparing for Imam Mahdi
Question: How do us youth in the West prepare for Imam Mahdi's arrival?
Answer: In a nutshell:

1. learn about your religion,
2. be an active member of an islamic centre,
3. talk to God as often as you can. This is besides your daily prayers; like when you are driving, when you are lying in bed, whenever you get an opportunity, just talk to God and think of Him.
4. everyday send 100 Salwat for the well being of Imam Mahdi (af) and ask him to pray for you.

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