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Ali b. Abi Hamza narrated from Abu BasIr who said: 'I heard him asking Abu 'Abdullah (al-Sadiq] (AS): may I be sacrificed for you, please inform me about the religion that Allah has obligated upon His servants. The religion that they cannot afford to be ignorant of and the only religion that will be accepted from them. What is it?' The Imam (AS) replied, 'Bearing witness that there is no god except Allah and that Muhammad (SAWA) is the prayer, paying the alms-tax, pilgrimage to the House for those who are able to do so, fasting the month of Ramadan.' Then the Imam momentarily paused and then repeated twice, 'and divine guardianship [of the divinely appointed Imams] (al-wilaya).' Messenger of Allah, establishing the

Abu Basir
al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 22, no. 11

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Question : #578 Category: Dress & Clothing
Subject: What is hijab
Question: What is hijab? Can you give a straight answer
Answer: The term 'hijab' (veil; obstacle) is rather a new term used nowadays to express woman's Islamic dress code.
The traditional term used by our jurists is 'Satr' which means to cover.

Anyway, whatever you name the issue, Hijab is a social etiquette prescribed by all divine religions to provide a safe and professional relationship between the opposite sexes. It must be noted that before Islam speaks about women's covering in public, it has spoken about men's lowering their gaze.
(Refer to Surat Noor, Ayah 30-31).

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