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to a man soliciting advice from him, 'Do not be of those who hope for [bliss in] the life of the Hereafter without action, and delay repentance by having high expectations, and who utter words like the ascetics with regard to this world, though in practice they behave like those who covet it.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Baldgha, Saying 150

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Question : #577 Category: Women's Issues
Subject: Hijab when praying.
Question: Why do women have to cover when they pray, even if they are at home and no male is present?
Answer: Hiajb is a symbol of a woman's servitude to God (not to her husband as portrayed in the West). Thus, it is seen as her best dress code when she is standing before her Creator. We are recommended to wear our adornments when praying. "Adornment" here is not to seduce but to be more humble and decent before God.

Men are also recommended to wear 'Aba and turbans (which were outdoor dresses) in the old days, even if they pray in their bedroom.

And God knows best.
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