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narrating from his father, 'When the enemy was defeated in the Battle of the Camel, the Commander of the Faithful (AS) said that no one who has fled should be chased, and no one who has been wounded should be finished off, and he who closes the door of his house is safe. On the day of the Battle of iffln those who had fought or turned away were killed and the wounded were finished off. Aban Ibn Taghlib said to 'Abdullah Ibn Sharik, 'These two methods are different.' Ibn Sharik answered, 'Those who are from the Battle of the Camel killed Tal a and Zubayr, but in this battle Mu'awiya is still present and is himself leading 'lithem.'

Abdullah Ibn Sharik
Ibid. v. 5, p. 32, no. 5

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Question : #569 Category: Marriage - Muta'
Subject: Mutah by female
Question: Salam
A man who is away from his wife can contract mutah. What about the wife whose husband is away from her? Does our religion provide avenues to address her needs?

Likewise, a single man can contract temporary marriage; what about the single woman who is not married?
Answer: Salam

1)The wife who their husband has been sexually away from her for 4 months can go to an Hakam al-Shar (marja taqled or wali faqih)and can ask and apply for a divorce.

2) The single woman thats want to conduct islamic marriage if she is a virgin and hasn't been married before has to get the permission of her father and this also depends on the maraja she may follow.
Follow Up
Salam, a woman whose husband is away (either for studies or business or pleasure), would not want to ask for a divorce especially f it will cause harm to her family especially if she have children. It is not an option for her as it will cause a breakdown of the family, cause a stigma to herself and her family and her children will suffer. If this is her only option, then she will have no other recourse (being a mother) but suppress her needs and bear it patiently while her husband does not have to. Is there no other avenues for her except for this that our religion can provide?
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