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'Know the ways of your salvation and destruction, so that you would not ask Allah for something that you believe your salvation lies in it, while it brings your destruction. Allah [the Glorious, the Exalted] has said: inan prays for evil as he prays for good; for man is given to hasty.?

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 93, p. 322, no. 36

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Question : #562 Category: Ahl ul Bayt / Imams
Subject: Humans higher rank then Angels
Question: salam
can you please provide reasons if humans like prophets and imams can have ranks higher than angels?

thank you
Answer: Salam ALaykum

Creation in general exists two main power or characteristics.
1) The power of desires.
2) The power of Intellect.

When we look at Animals we see the power of Desires is strong then the Power of intellect because when ever they get hungry they go and hunt and kill and eat almost anything.

When we look at angels we see the angels have the power of intellect and not the power of desires because they only obey what has been told to them and do nothing from there own desires.

But human being which has both powers means that if the human does obedience to Allah then this is worth more then the action of an angel because the human can go towards his desires but he chose not to unlike the angel can not go towards his desires for they have no such power. So the action of the human is worth more then the action of the angel.

Thus the prophet has said: Man can be higher then an angel or lower then a beast.

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