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'If you saw a single door [on its own], from what normally comprises a pair [of doors], with a protruding attachment, would you ever imagine that this [single door with a protrusion] was created in such a way without purpose? Rather you would certainly know that it was made in such a way to pair and providing a purpose for the protrusion]. So you would expose the other component in order to unite it [with the first one] and hence reach a useful purpose. In the same way you find a male animal as if he is part of a pair equipped for its female partner, and they unite in order to procreate and preserve [the human race]. So destroyed, defeated and wretched are the claimants of philosophy How did their hearts get blinded from this wonderful creation so as to deny the organization and purpose in it??

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Ibid. p. 75

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Question : #552 Category: Miscellaneous
Subject: Istikhara method
Question: Salaam
I want to make sure that I'm doing my Istikhara properly. I am asking for guidance on whether a certain task that I want to complete is possible/accepted by Allah, and if it is, how I can acheive it. As I'm just needing guidance on something I really want to acheive.
So After Isha prayer, I do fresh Wudhu and read two raqaat namaaz, with Surah Kafirun in the first and Surah Ikhlaas in the second. Then I do Dua, in which i recite Salawaat, Hamd, the Dua e Istikhaara and then ask for guidance. Then I go to sleep on my right side facing Qiblah. Is this all correct?
Is there anything more I should do? Something I should recite whilst falling asleep? I have only done it once yet, but I just want to make sure that it was correct before I try again. Also, I admit that I have a bad temper and sometimes I speak rudely to my parents, will this affect my Istikhara? Should I do tauba for a certain period of time before trying Istikhara again to make sure it works?
Answer: Alaykum Salaam.

Given your situation, I feel a short response may not serve justice so i refer you to a PDF book by Muhammad Baqir Haideri which should answer your questions.

Link -

Insha'Allah this assists you in your affairs.


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