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'A man entered the mosque and said, 'There is no rule save Allah's.' Then another man said, 'There is no rule save Allah's.' So [Imam] 'Ali said, 'There is no rule save Allah's. Allah's promise is indeed true. And do not let yourself be upset by those who have no conviction. You do not know what these [men] are saying; they are saying, 'There [should] be no government'. O People! You are not set straight without a ruler, be he pious or wicked.' They replied, 'We understand about the pious, but what about the wicked?' He said, '[Under whom] the believer toils and the wicked thrives, and Allah decrees the final outcome, your roads become safe, your markets operate, your booty is collected, your enemy is fought, and your weak is protected from the powerful from among you.'

Abu al-Bakhtari
Kanz al-'Ummal, no. 31618

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Question : #538 Category: Marriage - Nikkah
Subject: husband's obligations of the wife
Question: I would like to have more information regarding the depth and extent of a husband's obligations for maintenance and expenses of the wife.

Is it true that the husband should provide the same level of life (luxuries, maids, education) as the wife had before marriage? Does the answer differ from one scholar to another? Are there any hadith and/or rulings in this regard?
Answer: The husband is obliged to provide his wife with food, clothing and housing in conformity with her social status and dignity; dignity meaning the same level of life that she had before marriage.

In this regard, the scholars share the same view.

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