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regarding someone who wanted to go hunting for amusement, said, 'A believer is too busy for that; acquiring the Hereafter preoccupies him away from amusements...' until he said, 'A believer is too busy for all this, and what does he have to do with amusement, for amusement engenders hard-heartedness and hypocrisy.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Usul al-Sittah 'Ashr, p. 51

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Question : #536 Category: Family Issues
Subject: family interaction with revert
Question: What is the limit and scope of interaction for a convert to Islam whose family are not Muslims – they may either be People of the Book or non-Believers?
What guidance would you offer them?
Answer: He must keep good relation with his parents, brothers and sisters and behave in such a manner that they are attracted towards the religion of Islam.

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