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'When it was dark and part of the night had passed, Abu 'Abdillah (AS) would take a sack of bread, meat and money, and carry it on his back to the needy of Madina. He would distribute it among them Imam Ja'far b. Muhammad al-Sadiq (AS) whilst they did not even recognise him. When Abu 'Abdillah (AS) passed away, they missed [the aid] and realized that it had in fact been Abu 'Abdillah.'

Hisham b. Salim
al-Kafi, v. 4, p. 8, no. 1

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Question : #527 Category: Divorce / Talaq
Subject: divorce during sacred month
Question: Is it permissible to take khula during days of moharram if girls family is forcing
Answer: Khula is a type of Talaq, in which the husband accepts to give Talaq to his wife against an amount from her. This Khula is afinal Talaq after which the husband will not be allowed to return to his wife during her Iddah (about three months after Talaq).

Khula can be done during any month, but we always discourage Talaq and call for reconcialtion as much as possible and leave Talaq to be the last option if all efforts of reconcialtion fail.

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