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that the Prophet (SAWA) passed by one who was affected by madness, and said, 'Shall I inform you of one who is truly mad?' Then he said, 'Indeed one who is mad is one who is haughty in his gait, looking over his shoulders, and swinging his sides from side to side. That is one who is mad and this is one afflicted.'

Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari
Ma 'ani al-Akhbar, p. 237, no. 1

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Question : #525 Category: Imam Mahdi
Subject: Imam Mahdi reapperance
Question: As Imam Mahdi (A. S.) was hidden by God’s wish at the age of 5, what will be his age at when he reappears again?
Answer: It was narrated from the texts of the Imams of the Ahlulbait (peace be upon them) that when he reappears again he would look around the ages of forty years old.

Nobody knows saves Almighty Allah his original age after the reappearance.

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