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?O people! The most virtuous of people is he who is humble from loftiness, is ascetic despite richness, is fair in spite of his strength and forgiving in spite of his power. Verily, the most virtuous of people is a servant who takes what suffices him from this world, takes self-restraint as his companion therein, prepares his provisions to leave [this world], and is ready for the journey [to the Hereafter].'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
A'lam al-Din, p. 337, no. 15

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Question : #524 Category: Sexual Ethics & Morals
Subject: make up for sin?
Question: If one masturbates for some time and didn't that he has to perform ghusl because of the release of sperms, does he have to repeat all the fasting days and make up his prayers that he did without the ghusl?
Answer: Masturbation is a prohibited act and should be avoided with seeking forgiveness from the Almighty Allah and repent to Him. The prayers that the person knows that he did after masturbating and before performing ghusl should be repeated. It is not required to remake the fasting days.

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