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'So He sent His messengers among them and He sent prophets one after another to help lead them to the covenant of their innate nature, and to remind them of His blessings that they have forgotten, to show them proofs through propagation, to extract for them the treasures of their intellects, and to show them the signs of His potential.?

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Balagha, Sermon 1

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Question : #506 Category: Music & Singing
Subject: learning music instruments
Question: Salam Alykum
On behalf of a number of brothers and sister that seem confused on the issue regarding permissible songs I would like to ask whether learning and then playing musical instruments such as drums, piano etc is haram.
Also are songs such as those of the islamic artist Sami Yousif Haram as they use some tunes suitable for gatherings of entertainment
Answer: There is no harm to learn that music which is allowed [ Music that is permissible is the music that does not entail entertainment in gatherings held for that purpose. Forbidden music is the music that is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings. ], but to send children to musical institutes, one must safeguard that this will not have negative effects on their religious upbringing.

In terms of Nasheed, if Yusuf Islam or the like productions are tunes not played in an amusement setting or in vain environment then these are allowed.

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