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was asked by Muhammad b. Muslim about the situation of a man who becomes ritually impure (mujnib) during his journey, and has nothing but snow or ice at his disposal [and therefore cannot perform the obligatory bath to purify himself]. Imam (AS) replied, 'This is a situation of primary necessity, and I do not think that he should ever return to such a place where his religion is at stake.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Ibid. v. 76, p. 222, no. 9

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Question : #502 Category: Ahl ul Bayt / Imams
Subject: Seeing the Imam in my dream
Question: I would like to know the meaning of the following.

if someone sees an imam in his dream, what is that supposed to mean?

One night I saw Imam Ali and Imam Hasan in my dream.

Thank you
Answer: Salaams.

We do not deal with dreams in this website, but any dream needs to be understood whether meaningful or meaningless, through many factors including the time of the dream. If it was seen between Fajr and sunrise, then it is meaningless.

There is a volume by our 6th Imam, Imam Jafar ibn Muhammad as Sadiq about Dream Interpretations.
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