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The greater the ordeal and test, the greater the reward and recompense. Do you not see that Allah, the Praiseworthy, tested our precursors from the time of Adam, peace be upon him, to the last generations in this world, with [the creation of] stones that neither harm nor benefit, nor do they see or hear, and He made from them His sacred House, which He made a standing place for people?! But Allah tries His servants with various ordeals, and obligates them with various forms of struggle, and tests them with various dreads, in order to eradicate vanity from their hearts and instil humility in their souls and that this may open the doors to His favour and the feasible means to His forgiveness.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. Sermon 192

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Question : #497 Category: Major Sins
Subject: punishments relative to location?
Question: Being in a western country
do the punishment for committing adultery for misguided Muslim brothers apply.
I have been asked by a repenting brother whether he needs to admit his sin and then accept the lashes he must receive.
Also is it our duty to bare witness to such acts in order to insure that the sinner is punished even if they do not wish to repent
Answer: Salam alaykum

To implement Islamic punishment it must be done under an isamic government or islamic shia court.

1) punishment for adultery is implemented regardless the Muslim is guided or misguided, because just being a Muslim is a sign of guidance

2) no the brother must not admit his sin publicly and does not need to receive punishment, just needs to repent and not perform the act again for the sake of Allah.

3) no we have no duty in being a witness of someone else sin (adultery) unless the Islamic court or Islamic government asked us to be witnesses. Also if 4 just people do not be witnesses in the same time they become as accusers and they receive the punishment of an accusers.

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