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'As for Husayn , he is from me, he is my son, my offspring, and the Imam Husayn b. ?Ali (AS) best of all mankind after his brother. He is the Imam of the Muslims, the Master of the Believers, the vicegerent of the Lord of the Universe, the helper of those who seek assistance, the refuge of those who seek refuge, the proof of Allah on all of His creation. He is the chief of the youth of Paradise, the door to the community's salvation. His command is my command. Obedience to him is obedience to me. Whoever follows him is associated with me and whoever disobeys him cannot be associated with me.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Amali al-Saduq, no. 101

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Question : #496 Category: Death Issues
Subject: at the time of death
Question: what happens when one dies such as the fact that the angel of death will come...
like that
Answer: During the last moments of man's life, angles arrive and stand on his right side. Likewise the Satans (devils) also approach him and stand on the left side of the deathbed (Ibid). The job of Satans is to deceive and betray, particularly at the time of death so that, if that person has any faith, it could be destroyed.

Much has been mentioned in narrations about comfort and discomfort at the time of death. In some, it (the trouble or pain) has been compared with the pain experienced when one's skin is dragged out. In some it is said that the death time pain is much less compared to the revolving of a large stony door of a castle having nails, in one's eyes. In yet another narration it is said that the death time pain is like that experienced when one's body is cut into pieces by scissors or torn with a saw. So it has come to notice that some dying persons have suffered pains beyond description which make the observers tremble.

But, on the other hand, for some persons dying has been as pleasing as of smelling a fragrant glower. In some traditions it is mentioned by the impeccable that, for some people, death is like taking off dirty clothes and putting on clean dress. In some other narrations it is compared with liberating the body from chains and yokes, as if death is like being freed from the jail of this material world.

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