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A man from Syria narrated, 'I came to Madina and saw a man whose beauty astonished me. So I asked who this man was and was told, 'He is Hasan b. 'Ali.' [The Syrian man said], 'I envied 'Ali for having such a son. So I went to him and asked, 'Are you the son of Abu Talib?' He replied, 'Indeed I am his [grand] son'. I then said, 'Curses be on you and your father, curses be on you and your father.' He observed silence and did not reply. He then said, 'I see you are a stranger in town. Should you need a ride, we will provide you with one. Should you have any needs, we will fulfil them for you. Should you need any help, we will help you.' He said, 'I left him [in a state] whereby no one on earth was more beloved to me than him.'

Author Unknown
Mukbtasar Tarikh Dimashq, v. 1, p. 26

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Question : #491 Category: Hadiths / Traditions
Subject: Ibrahim ibn Hashim
Question: What is your opinion on Ibrahim ibn Hashim, the father of Ali ibn Ibrahim al-Qummi, as a narrator?
Answer: Both of the said persons are considered authentic.

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