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describing the creation of Adam, said, 'Allah collected the hard, soft, sweet and sour of the earth, [making it into] clay by dipping it into water until it became pure, and then kneaded it with moisture till it became gluey. From it he carved an image with curves, joints, limbs and parts. He solidified it until it dried up, for a fixed time and a known duration. Then, He blew into it out of His Spirit whereupon it took the pattern of a human being with a mind that governs him, intelligence which he makes use of.... a mixture of clay of different colours, cohesive materials, divergent contraries and differing properties like heat and cold, softness and hardness.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Balagha, Sermon 1

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Question : #484 Category: Marriage - Muta'
Subject: please help
Question: I did Muta with a woman while I was permanently married to another. I had sexual intercourse with that woman who read the shahdatain in English for the sake of making her permissible for me in Muta. She was not a Muslim before that. She only gave shahada for the sake of marriage while she still had doubts about Islam. Does that make her a Muslim and did I commit adultery? If I did commit adultery, is my permanent Muslim wife halal for me? I have not consummated the marriage with my permanent wife yet and we also do not live together but we did nikah and we do see each other regularly.
Answer: If she pronounced the Shahadatain with the acknowledgment of its meanings and guarding the content in such a way that she sees herself, because of this amongst Muslims, then she is considered as one and your marriage to her is valid.

If her recitation was not real and without accepting the contents of the Shahadatain, then she is not a Muslim and your relationship with her is prohibited.

The said adultery does not affect your relationship with your present permanent wife.

We ask almighty lord to bless your present marriage and guide you to avoid prohibition and fallacies.

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