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A Muslim will not sleep while in a state of ritual impurity (janaba), and he should not sleep without being in a state of purity. If he does not find water then he should perform dry ablution (tayammum) with soil, for the spirit of a believer ascends to Allah Almighty and He meets it and blesses it. If his time of death was to have come when in a state [of purity], He places his spirit within the folds of His Mercy, and if his end has not come He sends it back [i.e. his spirit] with His guardian angels and they return it to his body.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 81, p. 153, no. 8

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Question : #480 Category: Miscellaneous
Question: Would you be so kind to inform me what the situation of transexuals in Islam is?
Answer: Transforming to a female can be of two forms:

1. If the person is really a female with feminine specifications like a womb and female reproduction organs but with some male characters and the transformation process is merely to strengthen her feminism and show its clear characters then the said person is actually a female and all applicable laws apply to her.

2. If the said person is actually a male with some feminine characters like fineness in voice or similar characters then it is not allowed to consider that person a female.

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