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in his sermon after having been pledged allegiance to as the Caliph, said, ?O people, ask me before you lose me. Ask me for I have the knowledge of the past and the future. By Allah, if I was set up to judge, I would certainly judge for the people of the Torah with their Torah itself...' He then said, 'Ask me before you lose me. By He who split the seed and originated man, were you to ask me about each and every verse of the Qur'an, I would inform you when the verse was revealed and the reason for its revelation.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
al-Irshad, v. 1, p. 35

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Question : #475 Category: Marriage - Muta'
Subject: extending a mutah contract
Question: What is the process of extending a mutah contract?
Answer: It is narrated from Imam Mohammed Baqir (as) that upon the expiry of the 'Mutah' term you may extend the contract by mutual agreement, by reciting (Asatahlultukay bajalin Akhara), meaning I have made you permissible for myself for another term.
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People use Religion for politics, or for ctornol. Religion gives bad people a way to convince good people into doing bad things. There are many places in the world were you have different religions living in peace with each other, yet other places were they blame other faiths, or ethnicity for all the issues. German did to the jewish in WWII yet we never learn to not do this and just repeat the hate of the past over and over.. It is sad. Peace is the foundation of most Faiths!
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